Ronin XL Motorhome

Ronin XL – Fiat Practico
Wider and more sporty design…

In order to keep up with the ever-changing living and the highest holiday standards of Ronin Motorhome based on the Fiat Pratico, the larger Ronin XL was designed.

Wooden materials representing the power of simplicity and special textured fabrics are used in the interior design. Its confident elegance, thanks to its technology-based design principles, ensures that the Ronin has a refined but durable ride. Its comprehensive features and technological equipment are designed to make your every day easier and every holiday more enjoyable.

Motorhome Features
  • Fiat Pratico 1.3-1.6 lt 120 PS engine, diesel and manual gear options are offered.
  • Can be used with a B class driver's license.
  • **It is registered as a motorhome in the M1 category and has all the legal rights of passenger cars. It has permission to pass through all bridges, tunnels and highways.
  • Together with the Fiat factory we developed the cabin body perfect matching the vehicle conditions, that is why we are able to install it without making any changes on Fiat’s original state. For this reason, for all "0" km cars the warranty of 3 years, 150,000 km is provided.
  • ** Information valid in Turkey, which can change depending on the country
Special Design Features
  • Due to its extraoridinary interior design and additional solution options, it has the features allowing 3 people to travel comfortably in all seasons and 4 people to be accommodated due to the Fixed Bed Option possibilities.
  • Thanks to the Fixed Bed Option, it is possible to achieve larger areas in small spaces.
  • Front rear axle weight distribution is 50:50. Thanks to this feature, it gives an extremely safe journey comfort and high driving dynamics.
  • It is produced from an antibacterial, non-flammable, Fiberglass Monoblock body.
  • Since it is lighter, rustproof and has no joints, it does not absorb water nor leak.
  • Due to the antibacterial character of the cabinet, it prevents the formation of bacteria. The outside air will not affect you in both cold and hot weather conditions.
  • It creates a thermos effect thanks to its 20 mm high density polyurethane insulation. It stays warm when you heat inside and remains at the same temperature for a long time when you cool it.
  • The Hotomobil, fiber-reinforced composite materials with high chemical and mechanical strengths, long-lasting, light-strength, flexible structure and very high impermeability are used in our body materials, the same ones are used in space shuttles, yacht and defense industry products.
Cabin Specifications



Monoblock and nonflammable

Cabin Weight

810 kg

Total Width

1950 mm (Except mirrors)

Total Length

5400 mm

Interior Height

1910/1820 mm

Total Height

2570 mm

Bed Capacity


Bed Sizes

190 x 120 cm 189 x 138 cm

Bed Depth

70 cm

Clean Water Tank

88 Lt

Waste Water Tank

50 Lt

Motorhome Transforming Specifications


Cylinder Volume

1598 cc


3105 mm

Passenger Capacity


Standard Features

Monoblock Non-Flammable Body

Body Work

Galvanized Steel Body


Polyurethane Antibacterial 20Mm

Service Battery

Outdo 12V 100A Jel Deepcycle

Control Panel

Cbe Pc 100 12V 22 A

Led Lighting


Entrance Door Lighting



Park Lighting (4 Piece)

220 V Socket



12 V Socket And Usb Output

220 V Socket

Defa External 220 V Charger Input

Swatter And Sun-Blind Windows

Berhimi 90X50 (2)


Laminate On Counter (2)

Kitchen Cupboard

Laminate On Counter

Kitchen Sink

Can Oven & Sink

Closet Locker

Push Buton (8)

Wardrobe Lightning

Hinge Top

Seating Group

Laminate On Counter

Dining Table

Table With Foldable Legs

Sofa Cover

Chenille Fabric

Floor Slat

Antibacterial Pvc


Shower Cabin & Sink & Tap


11 Lt/Min

Fresh Water Tank

88 Lt

Waste Water Tank

50 Lt

Registration And Fees

Motocaravan License

Optional Features
Cell Divider


Battery Change

Outdo 12V 200A Jel Deepcycle (Fark)

Lighting Packet

Ambiance + 3 Reading Lamp

Bathroom Ans Step Floor Cover


İnterior Floor Cover


Bicycle Carrier



Oracle (All İnclusive)


Berhımı 85


Berhımı 49

Washing Machine

Lg Mini

External Lighting Packet

2 Led Light

Outer Shower System


Electronic Control Panel

Cbe 12V 22A


Thule 300X250 Manuel




Linetech 600W

Heating System

Diesel Heater (Eberspaecher D2L)

Water Heater System

Truma Therme Boiler (220V)

Heating System

Combi Heater (Webasto Dual Top Evo 8 12)

Heating System

Truma 4

Water Heater System With Gas Andm 220V Electric

Trume Boiler B10


Twogo Front And Back Cruise Camera

Cassette Toillette

Thetford C402X

Ski Carrier


Air Conditioner


Waste Water Tank Evacuation With Macerator


Money Case

Electronic Hotel Type

Portable Toilette

Thetford Porta Potti 565

Portable Toilette

Thetford Porta Potti 565 E

Cruise Charger


Swatter And Sun-Blinded Window

Ceiling Bed Window Berhimi 70X30

Swatter And Sun-Blinded

Back Window Berhimi 120X50

Bathroom Cabinet With Mirrored


Organizer Set

Hotomobil (3)

Solar Energy System

190W Sea&Sun Mono Perc + Mppt Regulator

Ceiling Heck


Tv Rack And Preparation


Satellite Antenna

Neta Mba22


Tmc Marin 12V

Visko Ped Bed

7Cm Bamboo Ped

Bathroom Heck

Berhimi 28X28 With Fan

Tv Package

Hotomobil (Internet Requıred)


Safe Call

Multimedia System

55 Screen Full Hd Led Tv + Transponder + Ip Tv + 450 Watt Speaker + Android 7İnç Double Teyp +170 Degree Tv Hanger

Audio System

Pioneer 450 Watt Speaker + Cadence Teyp


All Exterior Design Interior Design