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Price List
Model Passenger Bed Gear Box Daily Price
Ronin Motorcaravan 3 4 M/T 750 - 800 ₺
RoninXL Motorcaravan 3 3 M/T 800 ₺
Gladiator Pickup Caravan 5 2-3 A/T 850 ₺
Reviva Camper Caravan (Ducato 15m3) 3 3 M/T 850 ₺
Freedom Motorcaravan (Vw Transporter) 4 5 M/T 950 - 1250 ₺
Mohican Towing Caravan (Withouth Vehicle) - 2 - 350 ₺
Rental agreement

Our vehicles can be rented for at least 5 days. ( It may vary in the new year and holidays).

*Taxes are not included in the prices.

How do we rent our caravans?

Which is more important? Having a caravan or an experience?

We know that life is not about having and owning. It is very easy to create good memories and experiences with your loved ones now.

Buy it or rent it period is starting! Thanks to the online reservation system, you can easily make your rentals over the internet.

  • Before renting

    Before you make your reservation, you can take a look to all our caravans in our showroom and you can decide which caravan is best for you.

    Caravans have bed capacity for 2 or 5 people. All the caravans have single or double oven, sink, fridge, bathroom, external shower system and sun tent.

    You can also rent (optionally) foldable table and chair set, barbecue and bathrobe set while renting your caravan.

  • Contract and Details

    All the caravans can be driven with class B license.

    Vehicles have international permit.

    According to rental conditions, you must be +21 and you must have 3 Year Driving License.

  • Technical Education

    While we deliver our caravans, we give you a special education and make sure you have all the details and information.

    Even though you’ve never driven a caravan before, we give you the key informations to make sure you enjoy your holiday. We ask you to spend 20-30 minute to this education.

  • Delivery

    We deliver our caravans at 2pm (renting day), and we take back at 11am at the last day of rental.

    While we are taking back the vehicle, we determine if there is a damage and we sign the delivery contact.

    In case of no damage, we pay back all the deposit in 15 days.

    You can call us at any time and ask for information. We can also support you with video calls.

    All our vehicles are guaranteed. If you contact us in case of emergency, we can manage the process for you.

  • And the holiday begins...